People Matter

People matter. That is right, people actually matter. What they say, what they do, how they live. It all matters. It is easy for us to not think of everyone out there as being in need. Especially not when we are driving through sunny Southern California on a lovely day, with our A/C blasting, our music bumping, and expensive cars all around us. We get caught up in all of our lives, rushing from business appointment to business appointment, not thinking about what life we be like if we just couldn’t do that. It never occurs to us, but through our time of just sitting around rambling through the internet and running a business behind a computer screen, there are billions of others who have to transport everything to make the world move and function properly. Many billions of these people are often without basic human needs, and no immediate way to access them. Think about that the next time you are stuck in traffic and just want to get to the nearest fast food restaurant to stuff your face.

That is why we need to support initiatives like Matternet, to be able to create vehicles, autonomous vehicles, that can connect nations, even those that are impoverished and without many of the modern goods and appliances that we have become accustomed to. Now though, why don’t you check this out, and think to yourself how much can we do with things like this, or with things like There is no limit to the strength that we have in numbers, one person can only get so far, but together we can circle the globe.


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