The Sharing Economy – Negative Reciprocity

The sharing economy is starting to boom, especially in an economic time like ours, where ownership is not always within financial or psychological sites. That is why companies like Zip-Car have started to fill the void of ownership and give rent-able appliances as a service that is convenient for many.

The problem that is arising with this new shared economy though, is just that, it is shared and the feeling of ownership has gone down the drain. What I mean by this, is that shiny new car that you bought with your own money is something you will stop at nothing to make last as long as possible. Zip-Cars though? They aren’t yours, so what do you care if you destroy it or bump into a few parking meters while trying to parallel park, and failing miserably. The issue with this though is that these shared things will not last long if we continue to have no value of ownership, and all these services helping us through tough times will go bye bye.

It also begs the question of whether we feel this sense of lack of ownership and defecation in other aspects of our lives. Do we feel that we are in this world by ourselves? Do we even remember that there are other people out there, who may be, and likely are suffering more than us?

When we show this sense of destruction for the user after us, whom may have been an upstanding person that cares about a good product to share, will now see what you have done and feel that it is ok for them to do it if you aren’t caring for the product either. Why should that person have to take care of it if you won’t take care of it, right? Wrong, this attitude needs to change in this world if we are ever going to accomplish anything lasting and worth while for all individuals on this earth.

If you take one thing with you today, it should be that where ever you go and whatever you do, there will be someone after you, and you should leave the place you just were in the same shape, so that they may enjoy it and continue the cycle.

A smile can make a day, but kindness can make a life.

For more information see here.


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