The Olympics and the Potential Game Makers Around the Globe

Olympic Games are just around the corner and London is congested by herds of people coming from all over the world. While everyone is getting excited for the spectacular opening ceremony tomorrow, 70,000 secret agents are quietly working behind the scene, busily triple-checking every little details of the event. Starting tomorrow, London 2012 volunteers, the Game Makers—a great title which these people fully deserve—will be at all venues to answer people’s questions.

Now, do not underestimate these Game Makers. Over 240,000 applicants have applied since September 2010 and more than 100,000 people were interviewed for the spot. After the thorough qualification check, they went through at least three training sessions to complete their knowledge for their roles. People’s eagerness to volunteer is pleasantly astounding and yet understandable. Indeed, it is an invaluable opportunity to gain experience, meet diverse people and be a part of the largest sporting event. Slowly but effectively, the Olympics have changed people’s idea of volunteering or at least, it got people interested in volunteering. Just like the companies that benefit by fanatically advertising their products during the Olympics, volunteering is gaining popularity.

Jeam Tomlin, who is in the games organizing committee, elaborates about this in his article, Can the Olympic experience help change the face of volunteering?, and explains further why this years’ volunteers, in particular, are making this phenomenon possible.

Read it and share your thoughts with us. Do you agree that volunteering has become more attractive or at least interesting? Or is this merely a short-lived Olympics effect?


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