Don’t Sweat The Sweatshop Anymore

Remember that whole thing in the 90’s with Nike and their inhumane sweat shops. Who knew the reason the swoosh had such great margins because they were using some really cheap labor in a particularly poor area? Jason Kibbey is changing all that though.

Don’t know who Jason Kibbey is? Well it is about time that you know. He is the Executive Director of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. It is now made up of 60 different corporations and environmental organizations. This list includes big names like Nike, Walmart, Target, Patagonia, and JCPenney. What these quite large corporations are trying to do is hold everyone in the apparel industry accountable for how their products are impacting the environment, and are measuring this based on the Higg Index. We at FuzeUs are quite glad to see something like this done, and it is putting our vision into action one step at a time.

This coalition now contains 150 or so products that are rated as safe and sustainable for the environment. For the companies that have their products listed within this coalition, they are receiving some excellent PR. Interestingly enough, the built this index from something that Nike had already been doing and working on, which is Nike’s Material Assessment Tool. It seems that Nike has had to reevaluate a few things. That is fine by us, it just helps out all of us and the world that we live in.

This is a big step to see corporations actually care about sustainability and the environment, and it may actually win them some fans and a significant set of customers. Now that is a concept, do the right thing and make more money.


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