Get You and Your Native Tongue to Sudan and Everything Shall Be Provided for Free

It is impossible to prepare for the enthusiasm, the commitment, the warmth, the surprises that teaching in Sudan will give you

– Angela Bamgbose, a social worker in MentalHealth

Today, Fuzeus will like to introduce a great volunteer opportunity that is actually provided for free.

Sudan Volunteer Programme, a UK based charity, was first launched in 1997 when ten volunteers went to Sudan for a seven week programme to teach in schools and colleges in Khartoum and Omdurman area. After 15 years of working, SVP has established links with universities all around Sudan and has had hundreds of volunteers fly out to Sudan and help thousands of Sudanese improve their understanding of English language.

SVP’s goal is to teach English to Sudanese people at various levels, mostly focusing on conversational practice and discussion groups with university students and other adults and also some secondary school students. According to the SVP website, although most Sudanese people take English classes for about 8 years, they have never had an experience of conversing with native speakers.

This is your chance to help out young people in Sudan get a better and unique education. As a matter of fact, good education is what Sudan needs right now in the time of war, which it has been at with itself for almost its entire post-colonial history. English is the second official language of Sudan and a vital component of the on-going peace process. This is not to say that education will be an immediate solution to all the unresolved problems but it will at least be a long-term remedy. Education has the power to change everything. Now continue reading to find more about this amazing program.

1. What will I be doing?

As I mentioned before, your job will be to help Sudanese develop the skills of speaking or even reading or writing in English. You will be in charge of teaching a class, which will include motivating people to express themselves by overcoming their shyness and reluctance to make mistakes. You will be working at a Sudanese university, which aims to organize two semesters of academic program.

2. Any Requirements?

It would be ideal to have some teaching experience before you join but this cannot be the case for most volunteers. Don’t worry. As long as you are either a naïve whose first language is English and studied at a university or similar institutions or a non-native English speaker who has an established qualifications, SVP will train you before the semester starts.

3. Is it really FREE?

Volunteers must pay the price of their own airfare to and from Sudan. Plus, if you do not have the complete insurance cover for your stay, SVP will provide you the insurance with about $100. However, except for the plane tickets and insurance, everything will be covered by the host institutions. SVP will arrange your accommodation and also pay 500 Sudanese pounds for the basic needs.

4. Will it be safe?

Considering the protests and wars that are going on in between Middle East crisis, violence in Darfar, and Arab spring, you may be concerned about the security this program can guarantee. Fortunately,   you will be working in the northern parts where people are the most friendly, most hospitable and the safest. Also, no one in Sudan will judge you by the places that you come from. If you are still concerned, SVP can connect you to one of the current volunteers in Sudan to confirm their point.

If you want to hear what it’s like from a past volunteer, read this review of the NGO, Sudan Volunteer Programme, a great article by a blogger, Petewiggins.

Now I have provided the basic information about this program. But I know this cannot satisfy you. If you would like to find out more this program and apply, please visit


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