Empowering through volunteering

Fuzeus hopes more and more people to try skills based volunteering because those who haven’t are obviously missing out.

Volunteer Wellington's blog

Profile picture of Ally Reid.

Ally Reid’s career aspiration is Career Guidance – and she is already setting a great example in her journey by volunteering as a mentor alongside her current day-job and Career Guidance study at University.

Ally has launched a mentoring and CV checking service through Volunteer Wellington. “Many people are looking for some form of direction. Motivating and inspiring and really getting people to see their strengths – that’s my key focus.” With a degree in anthropology and living in a multicultural country, such as New Zealnd is now, she wants to see everyone given a chance. “There are a lot of people out there who don’t really know how to market who they are and what they do.”

When Ally reviews CVs she can often see why the person didn’t get the job. “For example a lack of attention in a CV to spelling and grammar has let the candidate…

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