Successful Examples of Philanthropic Corporations—Hewlett Packard

Successful Examples of Philanthropic Corporations—Hewlett Packard

Last time, we shared Deloitte’s devotion in voluntarism, focusing on its impressive application of skills-based volunteering. (Deloitte’s skills-based volunteering) Today, let us introduce another company that should be acclaimed for its generous works—Hewlett-Packard, an American multinational hardware and software corporation. If you had not known before, HP is one of the most socially responsible companies in its industry. In fact, it has received several compliments from various sources. To list a few, in 2010, Fortune magazine named HP one of the World’s Most Admired Companies for scoring high on areas such as social responsibility, long-term investment, global competitiveness and use of corporate assets. In the same year, HP was also named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere Institute; in 2011, HP secured the 1st place in the ranking of Greenpeace’s guide to greener electronics that ranks electronics manufacturers according to their policies on sustainability, energy and climate and green products.

Now the question is how has HP established itself as a socially responsible company so successfully? Continue reading and you will realize that skills-based volunteering is only a fraction of HP’s effort.

1. Care about our planet

HP shoulders its environmental responsibility by exploring ways of reducing their environmental footprint. It tries to respond to pressing issues, such as mitigating climate change and using energy more efficiently, by providing solutions that are transforming how people live, work and connect. As an active effort to minimize its impact on the environment, HP sets environmental goals every year and share it online, allowing anyone to keep track of its accomplishments. To see the list of all the goals and achievements that HP has accomplished, visit HP’s environmental goals.

2. Care about our society

Major natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes can  overwhelm communities or even entire countries. Whenever these disaster strike, HP and its employees are ready to step up to aid and support those people, non-profits and whoever is in need of help. Not only does HP provide big donation, but it also collaborates with international non-government organizations, such as Save the Children, the American Red Cross, and Doctors without Borders, to utilize its resources.

For example, In the wake of the unprecedented natural disaster in Japan, HP, its employees, and the Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation committed more than $2.3 million USD in technology and cash donations to organizations performing short and long term relief work. HP Foundations’ grant, which totaled up to $500,000 USD, was sent to Japanese Red Cross and to Save the Children, the first two organizations to respond after the earthquake. In addition, it pledged $350,000 to match employee contribution. In Tokyo, Miyagi and Fukushima, laptops donated by HP were running virtual face-to-face communication among workers, survivors, and other between Tokyo and harder hit areas.

Other cases include saving the children in India and supporting long-term recovery in Haiti.

3. Skills-based volunteering

HP also manages exceptional skills-base volunteering program. It acknowledges its employees’ wealth of skills and is willing to share the passion to give back to the world. HP’s employees are provided with the time, tools and technology to make a positive impact through pro bono work as well as skills-based and hands-on volunteering. Since most of HP’s employees have deep expertise in high-value fields such as technology, engineering, human resources, and manufacturing, they take part in pro-bono service, serving on non-profit boards, or joining company-sponsored volunteer programs, such as Junior Achievement, an international organization that inspires entrepreneurship and introduced business skills to students from grades 6 to 12.

For pro-bono service, employees are offered four hours of company time each month. In order to encourage its employee to show further effort, HP runs inspiring activities or programs that inspire team effort as well. Such effort includes family giving tree, Morocco entrepreneurship master class, global health corps, HP Mexico job search course, HP China pro bono program and more.

When Family Giving Tree, a 23-year-old nonprofit which works with about 7,000 volunteers to sort and distribute donated school supplies to as many as 67,000 people, came to HP for pro bono help, four of top HP finance employees stepped up to find solution for its warehousing problem. After several months of studying the problem and searching for solution, the team recommended that the Family Giving Tree continue seeking temporary warehousing each year. With the solution confirmed by the experts in the area, Family Giving Tree is now confident with its management system. Right away, the team located a warehouse for the coming year. “They were four of the brightest people I have ever met,” said Jennifer Cullenbine, the executive director of Family Giving Tree.


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