Aeroplan Beyond Miles Scholarship for Volunteers

Fuzeus is always looking for cheap (or even better, free) ways for volunteers to go abroad. It is not the easiest task to find free plane tickets but fortunately, Fuzeus has found several opportunities for those volunteers who cannot afford to go abroad specifically for volunteering.

The opportunity that recently came up was launched by Youth Challenge International, a leading global youth development organization that promotes youth inovation to drive positive change. It seeks to incorporate youth development and volunteerism to advocate youth health, youth livelihoods and youth leadership.

“Go The Extra Mile Scholarships”

This amazing scholarship covers the cost of volunteers flight to YCI’s programs in Ghana, Tanzania, Mozambique, Senegal, Guatemala and Costa Rica. To find out more about the YCI programs in these regions, refer to their blog, which has great articles written by students themselves.

But before you apply, keep in mind that

  • Scholarship Recipients will be responsible for any post project travel costs and
  • The scholarship recipient will incur the cost of flight tax.

And when you apply,

  • Submit the application for the desired scholarship at least 3 months in advance of the start date of their placements and
  • Also submit the document and fundraising target required for their first deadline.

How to apply

  • Brainstorm
  • Try to answer following question:

“How would these Aeroplan Miles propel on your personel and professional journey?”

  • Submit an application in the form of essays, blogs, photos, music, videos or anything, utilizing the social media campaign such as facebook, twitter or pinterest.
  • Send it to until October 1st, 2012. ( Include “Go The Extra Mile” in the subject line of your application 




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