Free Fundraising Pitch for Non Profits–Shlain’s LET IT RIPPLE project

If you read through the posts on our blog, you will realize how much we love free stuff–free volunteering opportunity, free gardening experience and free information!

So today, we bring to you (esp who is working for a non-profit) the opportunity to use free video to help with your fundraising!

Before you take these videos to your website, let us first take some time to thank Tiffany Shlain, an american filmmaker who was selected by Newsweek as one of the “women shaping the 21st Century”, for initiating this amazing project called Let It Ripple. Her first feature-length film Connected: An Autobiography About Love, Deat & Technology attempt to deliver to the audience the importance of personal connectedness in relation to understanding global conditions, ultimately showing how all the humanity is invested in today’s crucial issues.

As this film suggests, Tiffany is dedicated to addressing the concerns, issues and conflicts that inevitably take place in the world that we live in.

This time, Shlain came up with an idea to really use her skills to approach to those who are actually in need of her help. And in this case, that includes marketing people working for non profit or any others who want to make this world a better place but doesn’t know where to start.

With Let It Ripple series, we can all help bringing changes to this world by taking these videos and posting them on facebook, tumblr, worpress or anyplace in social media.

The first video is called Brain Power.

It’s a 10 minutes film based on new research on how to best nurture children’s brains from Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child and University of Washington’s I-LABS. It explores the relations between the development of child’s brain and the development of global brain of internet, offering a solution to shape them both in a right way.

If you work for a non profit, you can utilize this for your fundraising event or post it on your social media to share it with others. But even if you aren’t working for a non profit, please go ahead and SHARE AND SPREAD YOUR MESSAGE!


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