Two Worlds Collide

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Claire's Indian Adventure

India is a country of contrasts.

Obviously I’ve only been here five days this time around, and I’m only exploring Delhi at the moment, but already I’m beginning to anticipate the darkness and light which plays across this land.

It’s tricky to explain the sheer sensory overload which this country gives you. Everything is louder, brighter, spicier, closer, bigger, smellier. The streets are crowded, which you’d expect for a major city, and the roads are completely chaotic – although today was the first road accident we’ve seen since arriving and it was only a small bump between a car and a motorbike.

What seems like chaos to me works though, somehow. The trucks, buses, cars, autos, rickshaws, bikes (motor and non) and pedestrians all seem to share moreorless the same space on the road, with just a bit of horn honking to let everyone know where they are. Ah yes…

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