Relay For Life, It Hits Home for Everyone

We have all seen it. We all know the brand, what they do, and all of the people they support. It is Relay for Life, and they do amazing things for everyone suffering from the forsaken disease that seems to have plagued at least one person we know in our lives.

For me, it came at quite a young age. I don’t remember the specific year but I was certainly only in the single digits of my years in life. It was my grand mother on my mom’s side. “Grandma the Kid” as I called her. She lived in San Diego, and I didn’t get to see her much, but when I did we always had a blast, and I have many great memories from the time I spent with her. She was a chain smoker, and we all know where that can lead. At such a young age I didn’t know much about what smoking could do to your body, but in that short time I learned very fast. Out of nowhere she came down with lung cancer, and it quickly seemed to not be the most treatable of conditions. She died shortly there after, and fortunately I was left with only the memory of her, happy and healthy.

For my mom though, it was not the same. She flew out one last time and was there at the end, but had to return before she passed. How hard that must have been for her and her brother, to see their mother pass at only the age of 53. At the time that seemed old to me, but now that my dad is beyond that age, it is weird to think that she passed so soon in her life. I can recall my mom getting the phone call that “Grandma the Kid” had died, she began crying, and the young me not knowing what was really going on sweetly said, “It is ok, she is just sleeping mom, she will be ok.” I don’t think I shed a tear, not because I did not love her, but because until that day I did not understand death. After that, I did.

It was some time later until I really came across Relay for Life. It happened in my sophomore year of high school. I knew of Relay for Life, but had never really been involved, until I dated a girl who almost lost her younger brother to kidney cancer. Fortunately for their family, he survived those early years and is thriving today. Seeing her support of something that nearly devastated her life, I was deeply touched. I went to the local Relay for Life, and showed my support for her and her team. I didn’t stay the whole time, but I was definitely moved, and could see how much it mattered to so many people.

This year I was talking to a good friend of mine, and she asked me if I could give a donation, even if it was just a couple dollars. Unfortunately, I had just donated to a different cause at the Tipping Point. This is the second time that she approached me about supporting a cause to fight cancer and raise awareness. I did the next best thing and have been spreading the word, and now I am here, to spread the word and get people involved in supporting something that has definitely touched my life, and millions of others. I ask that you check out this link here and show your support by spreading the word, and giving, even if it is just a couple dollars, every little bit counts. Thanks for reading.


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