Recession: A Time to Volunteer with an International NGO?

Even in a world that faces continued recession for the foreseeable future, it is up to you to secure your necessities of life, which is what livelihood development is all about.

Youth Challenge International

Growing up, we learned from our parents that there are certain things we must do in order to succeed in life; be a good citizen, get a good education, and attain a comfortable middle-class life.

Enter recession.

Suddenly, political, economic, and social pundits alike started to bandy about terms like “Lost Generation” and “Basement Rats”. Traditionally stable jobs are now a dying breed and full-time work is giving way to part-time jobs, the numbers of which are also rapidly decreasing. Our university friends are working in places that have nothing to do with their degrees and some are resigned to work in retail and fast food industries. These days, it turns out that going to university isn’t a guarantee to escape flipping burgers. It is easy to see why some young people drift from one minimum wage job to another, or have become disillusioned. Some have even become the dreaded…

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