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The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you!

First of all, many many thanks to Wellcallmecrazy (http://wellcallmecrazy.wordpress.com/), one of the followers of our blog, for providing us this amazing opportunity to be nominated for the very inspiring blogger award! We will gladly consider this as a sign that our blog is doing its job properly–inspiring people to do good and spreading their stories. To be acknowledged this way is indeed encouraging and we will accept this chance by fulfilling The Rules.

As a nominee for this award, Fuzeus will

  • Post the award to our blog
  • List seven things about us
  • Nominate other inspiring blogs that we appreciate

List Seven Things About Fuzeus

1. Fuzeus is actually a website that will function as a social hub for volunteers, philanthropists, non-profits, corporations and organizations.
2. One of our aspirations is to bring individuals and entities together in order to form tighter-knit communities designed to be more efficient and get more done for each other and others.
3. In fact, we will be launching our website on September. Join the countdown! (http://Fuzeus.com)
4. Both CEOs and the CMO of Fuzeus were all in college–Claremont Mckenna College, ranked #1 by Princeton Review for “students love their college” (http://on.today.com/PbQLW5)
5. But the CEOs are now college dropouts
6. The CMO of Fuzeus just arrived from London and she got to watch the Olympics closing ceremony for free!
7. Our motto is to “Dream big, do bigger

Other blogs that also deserve to be nominated for this award

There are numerous blogs that should be listed here but for today, Fuzeus carefully selected 10 to share with you

1. Microworld: Now, many of the blogs that I would be introducing will contain great articles by volunteers. This blog, which we have been following for a while, also posts inspiring writings by experienced volunteers who are willing to share what they have learned during their trip. It’s About page may say “MICROWORLD is the place of small things making a difference.” But believe me, these are not small things that they are talking about.
2. Girl’s Globe: I was actually pleasantly surprised by the fact that this blog is not affiliated with any organization because it seemed highly professional. No, these bloggers are self-motivated people who happen to be involved in empowering women and making positive changes. Not only do they provide great insights into this issue but they also have featured videos and other links that maybe of your interest.
3. Youth Challenge International: This is definitely one of our favorites. It is run by a leading global youth development organization that promotes youth innovation to drive positive changes. This program provides the opportunities for students to learn and absorb the world around them by volunteering globally. The writers are the students themselves and I’m sure anyone will enjoy the fresh ideas from young minds.
4. Legal Planet: Interested in saving the earth? Want some professional knowledge on how to do so? Legal Planet is a blog, a collaboration between UC Berkeley School of Law and UCLA School of Law. Yes, this may sound a bit serious but if you really care about the environment, why not acquire a bit of a professional knowledge by reading a few articles?
 5. Bucket List Publications: Just go ahead and follow this blog, please. Bucket List Publication is run by Lesley Carter, a delightful lady who has been traveling for 30 years of her life. Each year, she creates a bucket list and accomplish things on the list one by one. She is an inspiration itself. As you follow her trail, you will realize that life can be so much fun and exciting if you choose to put a little effort. Endless adventures!
6. Lisaracz’s Environment BlogWhile Legal Planet provides a practical and professional knowledge on environmental regulation and rules, this blog allows you to feel the nature. Not only does the writer posts insights into environmental issues, but her writing ranges from reviews on environmental events to journals about some fascinating hiking trail. You can also find vibrant pictures of each moment.
7. Freestyle Volunteer: What is a Freestyle Volunteer? It’s actually an organization that provides resources to help volunteers form one-on-one companionship with individuals who share our public spaces but are socially isolated by mental illness and/or homelessness. This world is filled with people who are desperate for help. And if you live in the city, you might encounter them more often than you expect. True, the encounter might not be pleasant. But reading some insightful posts like ‘Is being homeless their fault?’, you might change your mind.
8. TED Blog: Of course, TED–who doesn’t know TED. It is where ideas worth spreading actually spread, sprout and explode. Because I visit this place so often, I felt obligated to include it in my list. Just in case if you had not heard of it, TED is a global set of conferences, bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment and Design. If you are even remotely interested in any of those, visit this blog to find endless list of inspiring videos from great minds.
9. P.S I Have Cancer: This blog is run by Nadia, a gorgeous lady who, unfortunately, was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer on 2012. As a strong minded person, Nadia keeps a journal of her life here to keep track of every little details of her priceless life. On her profile she said, “I am proud to say that I will be a cancer survivor but most importantly, I will be able to actually live my life fully.”
 10. Ad Pitch Blog: An exceptional blog that mainly focuses on advertising strategies. Because advertising is a subject that seeks to penetrate into people’s mind, this blog is entertaining and inspiring at the same time. You will be glad to follow this blog because it can provide you with fresh ideas everyday.

Hopefully, this list will help people who are looking for other inspiring blogs. And again, thanks for nominating Fuzeus for the very inspiring blogger award. Please follow us and join the discussions because we always welcome new opinions!


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A social media hub for creating change,from the homeless to the CEO, and everyone in between

FuzeUs is created to connect and develop a larger community. A community that is socially responsible and committed to raising the bar, and taking the initiatives to unite all groups, organizations, and people with a common goal: making our society stronger and envisioning what is thought to be impossible, and achieving success through cooperation.

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